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Pastor Kurt's Final Weekly Word

Dear Friends of Green Trails,

Scripture advises that in some cases (like in prayer) piling on words is not necessary.  Instead, it seems that sincerity and authenticity—along with brevity—carry the day.   So, briefly but with heartfelt sincerity, I want to thank all of you who are involved in the life of Green Trails UMC. You graciously welcomed and accepted Carol and me when we first arrived.   During these past four years, your spiritual friendship has blessed and sustained us.  When we think back about our time at Green Trails, it will be with smiles and fondness.

God blessed us with many challenges in the past four years and supplied us with every good gift to carry out our mission.  It is not possible for me to list every victory we had in the time I have been your pastor.  I would, however, lift up the sanctuary remodeling, the expansion of our ministry with Green Trails Elementary, the various and creative ways we aided and spread the Gospel in Mozambique, and all the ways we helped hungry children get the food they needed.   I leave Green Trails with my cup of blessing completely full.

Your new pastor, Rev. Linda Settles, will be arriving soon. I know Linda well and am completely confident that she will be able to expand God’s work at Green Trails.  The Leadership Board is working with Rev. Settles to make sure she has a smooth transition into the life of this church.  Soon Linda will be your pastor and she will need the opportunity to get to know you all.  I am certain that you will welcome her warmly. In addition, out of respect for the new pastor, it is part of the code of United Methodist pastors not to return to the churches they have served to do any weddings or funerals.  I plan to follow this practice.  God’s blessings on you all!

Your True Friend,



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