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Weekly Newsletter Friday, February 9


Dr. Linda Settles


This Week

Sunday, February 11th


Remember to bring your soup and plug it in in the MPR!

Bean Buddies-Room 204

Kid's Cafe-Room 206

Monday, February 19

Office is closed for the President’s Day Holiday

Tuesday, February 6

10AM-Multipurpose Room

Tai Chi

6PM-Multipurpose Room

Community Band 


In the Word-Room 108

Friends of Barnabas-Room 109

Youth Cafe-Room 111

Wednesday, February 14

11AM-1PM Parking Lot

Drive Through Imposition of Ashes



Communion Sunday!

Everyone is welcome at God's Table! 


Ash Wednesday Service

11:15AM-ish-Multipurpose Room

Souper Bowl!

Friday, February 23rd

6PM-10PM-Multipurpose Room

If Gathering

12:30PAM-Multipurpose Room

SOS Discussion Wrap up and Star Making!

Saturday, February 24th

9AM-4:30PM-Multipurpose Room

If Gathering

Get Involved

Coming Soon: 

Wednesday WOW

Wednesdays at 6:30PM

Two New Lenten Studies 

Starts February 21st

Forgiveness with Rod Harris

Outcasts with Lea Doyel

Brand New Class!

Tuesdays at 10AM

Starts February 20th 

Lenten Study with Pastor Linda

This year we will once again gather as a community of women for the IF:Gathering women’s conference! It will be Friday evening, February 23, and Saturday, February 24. Spirit-filled worship, engaging speakers, and a little sister-time are on the agenda. Registration is $15 and college students are free!

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday we are partnering with Union Memorial UMC again to collect and donate new books for the Pierre Laclede Academy library. The books we collect should either be written by African Americans or written for African American students. The students are elementary and middle schoolers, and they especially need books for the older boys. The collection has started and will continue to the end of February.

Weekly family meals are back!

The kids and families really appreciate all you do for them!

Thank you for your generosity!

Continuing Education

Have you ever wondered how this movement of Methodism started, how and why we do what we do and how we do it, at the local, district and Conference level? This class unpacks the history of Methodism, along with why we believe what we believe, and the “how’s and why’s” of why we are organized the way we are. This is a great class for all laity to understand who the people called Methodists really are. The four-week class will be taught by Rev. Steve Jones (Camdenton UMC).

Getting to Know YOU!

Join us in our exploration of the shared experiences and unique members of this church.


Join us for our last session as we look toward the future and what we hope to bring to our community! Help us make stars to decorate the narthex!

This is US!-Getting to know YOU

Make your Collage for our Narthex!

As part of our Getting to know YOU-This is US! we will be displaying personal collages in the narthex without names so people can guess who they are!

Here's how to make a collage about you-

  • Cut out pictures from a magazine or print out pictures you find online.

  • Paste them onto an 11x17 sheet of paper (available in the narthex)

  • Add glitter if you so desire! You may also use stickers, buttons, fabric, etc. Be creative!

  • If you prefer, you can send your pictures in an 11x17 document to and she can print them out on the color copier.


The things you choose should represent some part of you-your history, what you've done and where you've been, what you like/enjoy, what you do, what you want to do, etc. For instance, in this collage, the cute raccoon represents the maker's mother both because her mother likes this cartoon and because her mother is similar to this character. 

Contact if you have any questions or need help or supplies!

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