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The Beat Goes On

In 1967 a song hit the charts that spoke to current events of the time. Written by Sonny Bono, it was made famous by the husband and wife duo, Sonny and Cher. The title? The Beat Goes On! It was one of those songs that stuck in your head, and you found yourself occasionally singing: La-de-da-de-dee, la-de-da-de-daa! 

There’s a saying: Music soothes the savage beast. Well, I don’t know any savage beasts, but I do know that music has a way of easing troubled souls and calming us down. There’s something about a good beat that feels soothing. We start to hum the melody and before you know it, we’re in full blown harmony!

When Jesus walked this earth, He set the beat for our spiritual lives. He only did what the Father wanted Him to do. He only said what the Father wanted us to hear. It was a steady beat full of love, grace, and a whole lotta mercy! The beat of the Gospel has been going strong for over two thousand years. Why? Because we won’t let it die! The beat goes on and on and on because the story of Jesus’ love for us is so compelling that we can’t stop talking about it. Or singing about it…

O sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth.Sing to the Lord; bless his name; tell of his salvation from day to day.

Psalm 96:1-2

We sing to the Lord because we’ve got good news. We praise the Lord because our God is great and greatly to be praised. We worship God because He is worthy. And we rejoice because our King Jesus is coming back! The beat that began when God set this world into motion, now lives in every single believer. And every time we share our faith with another, we are carrying the beat forward. La-de-da-de-dee, la-de-da-de-daa!  The beat goes on!

I hope you can join us this Sunday for the sermon: The Beat Goes On. We will be blessed in worship by the Marko Marcinko Quartet. This jazz band is known for their fantastic musicianship, and they will bring their sound to celebrate worship with us on Sunday morning.

Jazz Concert Before the Marko Marcinko Jazz Quartet plays on Sunday, they will have a Jazz Concert tonight at 5:00 pm! It was originally going to be held outdoors, but the cicadas and the heat have caused us to move indoors. We’ll be in the sanctuary, with light refreshments and tables in the lobby. See you there! 

Annual Conference 2024 will be held June 7-9 at the St. Charles Convention Center. Guests are welcome to attend. Visit: MOAC24 ( for more information.

Mozambique Update Rev. Wayne Lavender, Exec. Director of the Foundation 4 Orphans, will bring the message on June 9, and he will bring greetings and information from the Dondo Home in Mozambique. The Dondo Home is being transitioned out, the children are mostly reunited with relatives, and a new initiative has been put in place, the Zoe program, which helps young people to become independent. Rev. Lavender will be available after worship to talk about it in detail. 

Celebrate Dad! Join us on Father’s Day, June 16, as we celebrate all fathers! Mike Caponigro, a Master of Divinity student at Covenant Theological Seminary, husband and father of three, will bring the message. If you’d like to send a picture of your father for a video collage, send it to: Include his name and your name.

Vision for 2024:

A House United: 

Strong Faith, Strong Families, Strong Future!


Pastor Linda

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