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Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is a holiday to honor fathers. All fathers – biological, step, adopted, foster, grands, and those who’ve been father figures in our lives. We see you! And we celebrate you. 

When I think about the heart of a father, I think about a heart that loves, but also disciplines. A heart that encourages, but also corrects. A heart that is always there for you, but a heart that at times just wants to be left alone! A quiet day of golf. Watching their favorite sports station. Fishing on the lake. Is that too much to ask?

Dads are men of simple desires. The TV, control of the remote, and a good beverage. Oh, and don’t forget their favorite easy chair! And they deserve it. Dads carry the weight of the world, or at least their family, on their shoulders. They are our providers, protectors, and a broad shoulder to lean on. My dad wasn’t big on receiving gifts, but he sure was big on giving them, and my stepdad, too!

So, this Father’s Day, remember to celebrate dad. Give God thanks for those who have gone home to glory. And remember those men who were there when you needed them. Perhaps with a word of advice, or maybe they just listened. We celebrate you this day and always!

Join us this Sunday as Mike Caponigro, an awesome dad and a seminary student, brings the message: The Transforming Love of Our Father. We’ll have special treats for the men and the Men’s Ensemble will bless us along with the Glory Ringers!

Annual Conference highlight reel will give you a quick glimpse of the MO Annual Conference. Click on this link: MOAC24 Highlight Reel on Vimeo. While you’re on that site, you will find all of the MOAC videos (Memorial Service, Retirement, etc.) up under that video, so feel free to experience all that made up the MOAC! 

Juneteenth The office will be closed on June 19 for the Federal holiday, Juneteenth. To learn more about Juneteenth, follow this link on the website: Juneteenth: Hope for the future wrapped in a history lesson (

Vision for 2024:

A House United: 

Strong Faith, Strong Families, Strong Future!


Pastor Linda

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