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Father's Day

This weekend we honor fathers, dads, pops, grandpas, papas, uncles, brothers, and father figures all over the country! Happy Father’s Day! I was blessed to have both a father and a stepfather. Combine that with two older brothers who loved to boss me around, and needless to say there were lots of male voices in my life!

I have fond memories of my dad spoiling me (and later my children) every holiday with huge boxes of Valentine candies, Easter baskets, and Christmas gifts galore! I’ve been told that I have my father’s eyes. I also have fond memories of my stepdad teaching me how to drive and letting me borrow the station wagon on occasion to go to the mall. The funny thing is people used to tell me that I look like my stepfather too. It seems that the more time you spend with a person, you begin to resemble each other. Some people have mistaken me and my husband for siblings!

Well, both my dad and stepdad are celebrating Father’s Day in glory now. And along the way there have also been men in church and school who have poured into my life in profound ways. But what brings me joy now is seeing my brothers as fathers. They may not admit it, but I can see traits and habits in them that remind me of our father.

And it’s the same way with God, our heavenly Father. The more time we spend with God, the more we begin to act like Him, talk like Him, and yes, look like Him. Don’t believe me? Look in the mirror and you’ll see that you have your Father’s eyes! Eyes of love, compassion, and hope. A chip off the old block!

Join us for a special Father’s Day message this Sunday. Oh, and coffee! That’s right, the Keurig is open! Make your own, or feel free to bring your own. To register for worship, you can sign up at: . You can also join us online at 10:00am. For online worship go to

Remember, for those who are fully vaccinated, masks are not required inside or out. Those who are not fully vaccinated, and children who are not vaccinated, should continue to wear masks. Our ultimate goal is to do no harm, so if you are not feeling well, we are trusting that you will worship with us online.

And to all fathers and father figures, have a wonderfully blessed Father’s Day!


Pastor Linda

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1 Comment

Jun 21, 2021

Your words touch me, Dr Settles. My own father was an upright man who defined the word integrity in all that he did. I celebrate his life, and the legacy he left me of how to walk with my Heavenly Father. Grace & peace to you!

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